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Recent IPO Filings
Date Company Location Amount
2024-04-15 Nova Minerals Ltd Caulfield, Victoria, AUSTRALIA N/A
 An exploration stage company
2024-04-12 Silvaco Group, Inc. Santa Clara, CA $108.0 mil.
 A provider of technology computer aided design software
2024-04-12 Bowhead Specialty Holdings Inc. New York, $122.7 mil.
 A profitable and growing company providing specialty P&C products.
2024-04-11 Mission Space Acquisition Corp. Cape Canaveral, FL $100.0 mil.
 A blank check company
2024-04-11 Proficient Auto Logistics, Inc Wilmington, DE $215.0 mil.
 A leading non-union, specialized freight company
2024-04-05 Springview Holdings Ltd Singapore, SINGAPORE N/A
 Designs and constructs residential and commercial buildings in Singapore.
2024-04-05 Viking Holdings Ltd Pembroke, BERMUDA $1,010.0 mil.
 A leading travel company
2024-04-02 Fuxing China Group Ltd Jinjiang City, CHINA N/A
 Produces zipper sliders and zipper chains
2024-04-02 Loar Holdings Inc. White Plains, NY $328.9 mil.
 Designs, manufactures, and sells niche aerospace and defense components
2024-04-01 Xinxu Copper Industry Technology Ltd. Wuhu City, CHINA N/A
 Sells copper and copper alloy products
2024-04-01 Lakeside Holding Ltd Itasca, IL N/A
 A U.S.-based integrated cross-border supply chain solution provider
2024-04-01 Rubrik, Inc. Palo Alto, CA $678.5 mil.
 A Multi-Cloud Data Control Company
2024-03-29 Huge Amount Group Ltd Xiamen, Fujian, CHINA N/A
 A holding company
2024-03-28 Reitar Logtech Holdings Ltd Kowloon, HONG KONG N/A
 Provides comprehensive logistics solutions
2024-03-26 NetClass Technology Inc Shanghai, CHINA N/A
 One of the leading online education brands in China
2024-03-26 Marex Group plc London, UNITED KINGDOM $371.5 mil.
 A diversified global financial services platform
2024-03-25 Jingcaoyuan Holdings Inc. Denver, CO N/A
 Provides mycorrhizal planting, mycorrhizal green feed, edible and medicinal mushrooms
2024-03-22 Ibotta, Inc. Denver, CO $543.4 mil.
 A technology company
2024-03-22 Centuri Holdings, Inc. Phoenix, AZ $299.5 mil.
 A leading, pure-play North American utility infrastructure services company
2024-03-19 Nano Nuclear Energy Inc. New York, NY $15.0 mil.
 An early-stage nuclear energy company

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