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Recent IPO Filings
Date Company Location Amount
2023-11-06 Sequoia Vaccines, Inc. St. Louis, MO N/A
 A clinical stage pharmaceutical company
2023-11-01 Neo-Concept International Group Holdings Ltd Kowloon, HONG KONG N/A
 One-stop apparel solution services provider.
2023-11-01 Ten-League International Holdings Ltd Singapore, SINGAPORE N/A
 A provider of turnkey project solutions
2023-10-31 BloomZ Inc. Tokyo, JAPAN N/A
 An audio producing and voice actor managing company
2023-10-31 Baiya International Group Inc. Tangxia, Dongguan, Guang, CHINA N/A
 Provides job matching service
2023-10-30 Aibafang Group CO., Ltd. Grand Cayman, CAYMAN ISLANDS N/A
 A leading research and development manufacturer and distributor of Chinese medicine and healthcare products
2023-10-27 Silynxcom Ltd. Netanya, ISRAEL N/A
 Develops, manufactures, markets, and sells ruggedized tactical communication headset devices
2023-10-27 Raytech Holding Ltd Kowloon Bay, HONG KONG $13.5 mil.
 Engages in the sourcing and wholesaling of personal care electrical appliances
2023-10-26 JVSPAC Acquisition Corp. Wan Chai, HONG KONG $50.0 mil.
 A blank check company
2023-10-24 FG Merger II Corp. Itasca, IL $75.0 mil.
 A blank check company
2023-10-24 Agriculture & Natural Solutions Acquisition Corp New York, NY $300.0 mil.
 A blank check company
2023-10-23 EV Mobility, Inc. Beverly Hills, CA $8.75 mil.
 Provides electric vehicles
2023-10-23 Reticulate Micro, Inc. Palm Bay, FL N/A
 A technology company
2023-10-20 CARGO Therapeutics, Inc. San Mateo, CA $300.0 mil.
 A clinical-stage biotechnology company
2023-10-20 Invea Therapeutics, Inc Guilford, CT N/A
 A biotechnology company
2023-10-19 Iron Horse Acquisitions Corp. Toluca Lake, CA $60.0 mil.
 A blank check company
2023-10-19 J-Long Group Ltd New Territories, HONG KONG $7.00 mil.
 An established distributor of reflective and non-reflective garment trims
2023-10-19 Lianfeng Holding Acquisition Shenzhen, CHINA $70.0 mil.
 A newly incorporated blank check company
2023-10-17 Maverick Lifestyle Inc. Stantonsburg, NC N/A
 manufactures, brands, markets, distributes and sells products infused with hemp-derived cannabinoids
2023-10-16 Hamilton Insurance Group, Ltd. Pembroke, BERMUDA $310.5 mil.
 A global specialty insurance and reinsurance company

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