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Recent IPO Filings
Date Company Location Amount
2024-03-22 Centuri Holdings, Inc. Phoenix, AZ $299.5 mil.
 A leading, pure-play North American utility infrastructure services company
2024-03-19 Nano Nuclear Energy Inc. New York, NY $15.0 mil.
 An early-stage nuclear energy company
2024-03-15 Contineum Therapeutics, Inc. San Diego, CA $149.6 mil.
 A clinical stage biopharmaceutical company
2024-03-15 Libera Gaming Operations, Inc Tokyo, JAPAN N/A
 A large and growing pachinko hall operator in Japan.
2024-03-15 CTRL GROUP Ltd Kowloon, HONG KONG N/A
 An integrated marketing and advertising services provider in Hong Kong
2024-03-13 PACS Group, Inc. Farmington, UT $482.0 mil.
 A leading post-acute healthcare company
2024-03-12 Suke Ltd Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA $10.0 mil.
 One of the fastest growing media and entertainment networks
2024-03-11 Lirum Therapeutics, Inc. New York, NY $25.0 mil.
 An innovative, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company
2024-03-11 RF Acquisition Corp II Singapore, SINGAPORE $100.0 mil.
 A blank check company
2024-03-08 Eureka Acquisition Corp Shanghai, CHINA $50.0 mil.
 A newly incorporated blank check company
2024-03-07 Jyong Biotech Ltd. New Taipei City, TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA N/A
 A science-driven biotechnology company
2024-03-07 Cuprina Holdings (Cayman) LTD Singapore, SINGAPORE N/A
 A Singapore-based biomedical and biotechnology company
2024-03-06 Boundless Bio, Inc. San Diego, CA $122.2 mil.
 A clinical-stage oncology company
2024-03-06 Wing Yip Food Holdings Group Ltd Guangdong, CHINA N/A
 One of the notable meat product processing companies in mainland Chin
2024-03-06 Primega Group Holdings Ltd Kowloon, HONG KONG N/A
 Provides transportation services to the construction industry in Hong Kong
2024-03-04 Luda Technology Group Ltd Kowloon, HONG KONG N/A
 A manufacturer and trader of stainless steel and carbon steel flanges and fittings products.
2024-03-04 Skubbs Holdings Ltd Singapore, SINGAPORE N/A
 A digital solutions and application development service provider
2024-02-29 Neighpart International, Corp. Miami, FL $100.0 mil.
 Incorporates companies, as well as to identify possible expansion opportunities
2024-02-22 Reddit, Inc. San Francisco, CA $715.0 mil.
 An American social news aggregation, content rating, and forum social network.
2024-02-22 Mobile-health Network Solutions Singapore, SINGAPORE $12.9 mil.
 A leading telehealth solutions provider in Singapore
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